Nanyang Authentic @ Pavilion

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My colleague suggested a new place for lunch today and we go up to Level 4 to try the Nanyang Authentic. A very traditional Nan Yang Chinese restaurant  with modern Malaysian authentic dishes. Located at the corner end just beside Fish & Co Pavilion. Last time when I passing by this place, I always think that the food here must be very expensive with the nice interior. However, now they have added new menu that is affordable and lots of choices of food here.

The team behind Nan Yang Authentic is also the same team that has been operating 1977 New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice. The menu at Nan Yang, which means South-East Asia in Chinese, features specialities from Ipoh serving wide range of Chinese cuisine- Ipoh\'s bean sprouts, crispy roast pork belly ,BBQ honey pork (Char-Siew) and lots more. 
The chicken rice menu is also available for set lunch. Mouth watering menu that can satisfy your cravings.
We reached at 12.30noon and the entire restaurant is fully occupied. So many people dine in during lunch hour and we need to wait approximate 10 minutes. The service is slow with only 4 staff working there and they seems confused and running here and there. The set lunch choices are variety and decent price from RM 13.80++. Each main set comes with a bowl of hot soup of the day, rice, side dishes ( fried item / vegetables) and drinks (ice lemon tea). 

There are current promotions going on with 3 persons dine in for the set lunch and we can get the promotional item for RM 9.90 only. Also apply during dinner, they have set as well.

Volcano Honey Pork RM 28 - Looks beautiful and specially designed. Also in the promotion. Dine in 3 person with set lunch and you will just need to pay this dish for RM 9.90

Abalone serving is also in the menu

Ice lemon tea that is included in the set lunch

Taiwanese braised chicken (Sam Pui Kai) or we call is also Three cup chicken.  One of the Taiwan delicacy which need equal amount of sesame oil, soy sauce and wine.  The taste is a little salty and the presentation of the food is not really impressive. Too much of dark soy sauce.

Old cucumber soup (Lou Wong Kua Soup). They will change the soup daily. Taste good with minimal MSG.

Side dish of the corn ( cut into cube size) , taufu and carrots

 Sweet and sour fish - The fish is served with a sweet and sour sauce drizzled on top and garnished with onion and chili. Fresh. crispy fish meat and delicious flavor.

Now we have a question come our soup serving is different? One with smaller bowl and one with a larger bowl. It is very obvious right?? I never questioned them because they staff there is too busy to entertain me. We also looking around other tables their glasses of drinks also in different sizes and designs.

Crispy sweet potatoes - one of the side dish. We have two different side dish..depending which set lunch you ordered

Roasted pork set - Tender and juicy pork meat. All pork, chicken and fish meat is cooked with the same ingredients -Lots of onions and chili.

Claypot Indonesia Curry Set - Generous portion on the squid and prawns. Condiments of the eggplant and long beans. The curry is flavourful and creamy. Give them a Thumb's Up!

The highlight of the day..and that makes us want to dine in here. Every table have ordered this. The promotional item for only RM 9.90 when 3 person ordered the set lunch.  Definitely a great choice.

Large serving of the Sweet savoury pork meat. Just love the masterpiece

Dining environment is  comfortable with elegant classy Chinese restaurant . Worth to give it a try.

The drawback - The service is really bad and they didn't even come to remove the tray on the table and just serve my set lunch with the tray. I need to call the foreigner staff to take away my tray..Oh gosh!!..if your place is crowded during lunch time and you are expecting many customers, please get more staff working and please be efficient enough to know what we want to order and request!

Nanyang Authentic
Level 4, Pavilion, 
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.