Main Main Cafe @ Jalan Choo Cheng Khay, Off Jalan Maharajalela (Second Visit)

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Here we are..second visit to Main Main friend have browse through their FB page and today they have special menu that we are craving for. We went in two cars and parking is not a problem. 

Lovely decoration with quiet and peaceful ambiance. The artwork is done by themselves. We can see the efforts they throw in into making this cafe so special
Playing with this cute mini sewing machine. Now I know where to buy this as a gift. Found a store in KL Festival City Mall and they have few other design of this musical sewing machine.

Our favourite flower rose tea - Simple delicious drinks with lots of health benefits

We finally have the chance to try their signature eggplant minced pork meat. The portion is enough to satisfy one's appetite and the generous portion on the minced pork meat. Traditional Chinese dish with succulent pork meat and soft sliced eggplant. Feeling like a home cooked meal, we are enjoying the meal and the environment.

Caught them working on the homemade blanket in the sewing room. Amazed by the stuff 
Traditional rattan baby chair

Setup is done. We are ready to go into our classroom. With reminisce of the primary school table and chairs..8 of us sitting there holding our favourite comic books

In love with their range of cakes. Soft, light texture and not too sweet

Simple mushroom chicken set - Tender chicken meat accompanied by the mushroom.
Must try this - Macadamia Cheese cake
Rice Wine Chicken Drumstick- The chicken drumstick is large portion and lots of Chinese herbs kei chi (Wolfberries) Hong Chou ( Red Dates), Mok Yee " Black Fungus". The rice wine have the natural sweetness that makes the chicken taste so good.. Wonderful dish and perfect combo with rice.

We try their desserts as well. Osmanthus Jelly (Kway Fa Kou) with  Wolfberry. Light cold desserts to try on

Irresistible chocolate cakes with ice creams. Warm moist cakes bursting with chocolate flavour and combines with the vanilla ice cream. Just nice to end our meal.

Take a trip down to memoy lane ...

Main Main Cafe
Jalan Choo Cheng Khay, 

Off Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur

Daily, 11am-8pm

Tel : 016-215 5523
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