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Little Taiwan - I have tried this place once and I waited for another year to come back to dine in here. Brave enough to give them a chance to try on their new menu which looks attractive with addition on the vegetarian meal and surprisingly they are now under Halal certification..( which i could not believe it). Taiwan food with halal cert?? Hmm..anyway from my dining experience today, this place is out from my food list and will never ever come back here. Let down by their Food and service. Not a pure Taiwanese cuisines at all..So do not expect much. Only two baby chairs is available. And the staff could not even communicate properly. I wonder what language should I apply. Bahasa? English? Chinese? None of them..Just point your finger to order food is good enough...Sigh!!!

The set lunch is quite expensive and hoping to get the appropriate portion.

My girl request for Strawberry milkshake

Jasmine Tea

Ramen with chicken meat RM 11.90 . The Ramen is so plain and just a simple noodle. I will not even classified them as "Ramen". The portion of the noodle is disappointing. Anger and frustrated. How can they charge me for more than RM 10 and giving me this small portion.

Three pieces of fried boneless chicken meat served together with the ramen. What? Are you kidding me?? This is exactly a kids meal portion!! My girl can finish this by herself with this kinda portion. Totally upset with this set.

Burger bear paw..something like small portion! RM 3.90..hmm..inside? A VERY TINY pieces of chicken meat with cucumber and tomato. Funny enough

Mango desserts - The mango cubes is so small that I could not even taste the sweetness of the mango. Just a bowl of Ice shave more than the fruits!

Fried fish fillet set. Accompanied by the rice with minced chicken meat, soup, vegetables and jelly. The fish fillet is deep fried, not too oily and portion is acceptable.

Fried yam ball with chicken floss. Crunchy and taste good

Three sauce fish. I can't even describe what kind of taste inside this weird combination. Spicy, sourish, sweet, salty?? All flavour mixed up.

Flower jelly looks nice

Overall, the price is not worth it. Overprice, the portion is extremely small and the side dish is just too simple. The taste is far below average and service is really terrible!! I ask the staff to come here and request for another cup, but he just stand there at the counter as if he is very tired. He look at me and seems like asking " WHAT YOU WANT" with the rude face expression!!! I was so angry and call him twice and he ignore me. And third time only he come to my table!!.Everything is FAILED!

Total damage : RM 86

Service is as bad as when I visited this restaurant last year.

Littel Taiwan

S24, Second Floor, KL Festival City, 67,
Jalan Taman Ibu Kota, Taman Danau Kota,
53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur,

Website :


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Kathryn Wong
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Oo, luckily I never been to there before @@ the portion looks really small ><