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For our latest steamboat addiction, we heading over to this newly opened Steamboat restaurant in Setapak which have already 11 branches in town . Introducing Bone & Pot, just opened for 3 months seems like every night this place is crowded. Bone & Pot is located at Metro Genting Kelang within the same row as Tong Pak Fu and also INHouse Cafe. Parking is still easy to find before 7pm.

Bone and Pot's signature steamboat is famed for its Hong Kong origins and concept. The restaurant's Chinese name - *有骨气* ( Yau Guat Hei ) represents bountiful prosperity, as their delicious broth base is made of quality bones and boiled for more than 8 hours to bring up the tasty soup. Meatballs are hand-made to perfection and their key ingredients of seafood and meat are air-flown fresh from Hong Kong.

The restaurant looks inviting with bright lighting and friendly staff. We begin to look through their extensive menu from front to back. There are lots of temptations in each pages.

Options to be seated outside

Comfortable air conditioning dining environment. Suitable for family and also friend gathering to interacting with each other while waiting anxiously for the food. It was pretty fun when everyone gather around the table and waiting for the boiled soup and started to steal the ingredients. Who ever get it first felt satisfied and happy especially when I got my favourite pork meatballs!!

Neat place to store the sauces in small containers. Bone and Pot have a very unique dipping sauces which are rarely found - Fu Yi sauce (Fermented Bean Curd Sauce). We mistaken it as peanut sauce because of the light brown colour. Other condiments are  Belacan Chili Sauce, Green Chili Sauce, Signature Dry Shrimp Chili Sauce,  Fried Minced Garlic. Appetizing! My favourite is the belacan chili sauce and fermented bean curd sauce,

Brown rice green tea.

Apple juice

Nice ambiance with clean seats arrangements. They also provide special made baby chair for the babies. They can sit together here in the middle by placing half of the usual Ikea baby chair that we have known off. Brilliant idea to keep the baby seated inside.

Latest craving for deep fried salmon head

 We ordered the side dishes first - Sea Urchin Ball . I would said this really look alike with Nemo fishball..Colourful and bright. Attractive!
 All the ingredients is prepared fresh and from the central kitchen  in Kuchai Lama (the main outlet). The soup recipe is from Hong Kong and the ingredients is quality assurance.
Cheese ball

Tong Hou - Another source of herb-leaf vegetables with medical benefits

There are 4 choices of soups . Of course we need to order their signature pork bone soup. Combinations of huge pork bone and corns makes the unique flavour and nutritious soup. The soup taste is just heavenly and the natural sweetness of the pork broth makes every sip so enjoyable. The recipe to their full-flavoured milky white broth is in the way they simmer the juicy large pork bones for more than 24 hours. 

Half of the pot is the Pepper Pork Broth - I love pepper pork broth and when we scoop inside, there are already pork stomach .The spice from the soup is pleasant and both broth  are equally delicious . 

The soup is  MSG-laden broth for free,so we won't felt thirsty. Generous portion on the pig stomach in the pepper soup.

Individual set meal (Rm 19.80 per set). If you come after 9pm, the same set is only charged at RM 14.80. So just need to add on the Soup price depends on your choices. Prices from RM 12 for each soup.

We are given 2 sets that comes with pork slices, meatballs, pork roll needle mushroom, prawns, water crest vegetables, cabbages, egg, prawns, squids, yam, noodles and etc..

Fresh Pork Liver- Thin slices and easily cooked

 Homemade fish paste noodle. Bouncy noodles and you just need to squeezing them into the hot piping soup. It was wrapped in the icing bag and we have fun making our own noodle.
Fresh pork slices is a must for steamboat. Tender and thin slices pork meat. Just need to dump the pork slices and within seconds quickly take it out.

Hot selling item- Must try their homemade meatballs. Each meat ball is made upon ordering to ensure freshness in every bite. 

Crab roe treasures inside

Pork Roll Needle Mushroom @ RM10.80. The needle mushroom is wrapped with the pork meat and after we put inside the pot, the shape still remains and not separated.

I would give this fried prawn dumpling a thumbs up!! The dumpling is extremely crispy, not too oily and the ingredients inside is amazingly full with minced meat, prawn and vegetables. 

Wow...can we finish it all?? Satisfied our cravings for tonight

One of their signature Hong Kong snack - Golden crispy bean curd with sweet and sour Thai chili sauce. The beancurd was nicely shaped and make in bite sized. Each pieces of the beancurd is perfectly cooked with crispy on the outer layer and soft tofu inside that melts into my mouth. We are smiling and admiring these beancurd.. awesome.

The tofu is fresh and warm. Advisable to have it immediately
Homemade Sotong Mee (RM9.90) 

Next, we try on the tom yam soup and tomato soup. They looks like similar but definitely both have their unique and distinctive flavour soup taste.

Hot and simmering broth both are very fragrance and flavour. Scrumptious ingredients that makes me wanna have more..
Cheese ball which is imported from Hong Kong. Once bite, the cheese oozing out that melts my heart delicious!

Refreshing lime sour plum juice

The fresh carrot milk juice taste so good.

Seems not enough, we add on more fiber ingredients into our pot. We choose Yau Mak and Seaweed. The seaweed is good for our health and digestion too. 

Special promotional item for only RM1. As long as you dine in, you can order this special offer. 

Thanks again for inviting us and we really enjoy the food. Highly recommended place for premium quality of steamboat.

Bone & Pot Setapak
126-G-8, Metro Genting Kelang, 
No 126, Jalan Genting Kelang, 
Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. 

Tel : 03-4031 5667
(Total bill will add on 10% service charge)

Website :

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