Peter Marvey Magician Without Limits @ Genting Highlands

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Memorable moments when I got a call from REDFM informed me that I have won two VIP passes to watch Peter Marvey magic show at Genting Highland provided with 2D 1N stay at First World Hotel + Breakfast included. I make my bookings through phones and email and the staff is very helpful for keeping my ticket until 8pm during the weekdays show. We got the nice seats at the front middle side. The show starts at 8.30pm and we can go in early at 8pm. The showroom is comfortable but I will appreciate if they could have given more space to put my legs in between. The staff is prompt and showing us the seats. 

Peter Marvey, a famous international magician and illusionist best known for his skill in sleight of hand and large-scale stage illusions. He is the world’s leader in magical flying and levitation. He made it possible to fly in bright light and was the first magician to change costumes in mid air. Honestly, I never heard of this magician before. I only know the famous David Copperfield, Cyril, and David Blaine..these awesome magician is always my favourite and I watch them on TV almost every episode especially on the street live show where they really impress people with their talent.

 The shows starts at 8.30 pm sharp. No camera and video is allowed. The show is quite entertaining with smiley faces of the sexy show girl. But most of the tricks, me and hubby got to know the secret of the magic tricks from the TV show ( Break the MAGICIAN CODE)  that we have watched. Anyway, they really act it fast and with the loud musics and lighting, After few magic show, Peter Marvey will look around for audience and asking them to join him on stage for some magic. He choose the lady, man and also a little boy. Three different magic tricks perform one to one and they are given VIP pass for photo session with Peter Marvey after the show later on. He will go around hunting for the right candidate to be with him on stage. Interesting.

Among the highlights for tonight's show is The Ultimate Cut, Lumitec Levitation, Magic Card, Diamond Illusion and of course his talented Dream Flying Show. There is one scene where Peter Marvey come up to the staircase and was looking for a jacket. His eyes is really sharp and he borrow the lady jacket that was seated just infront of me. He bring it on stage and within a second the jacket was worn by the show girl who was actually tied up with locks  and covered by a cloth. Amazing and the jacket fits her very well with button up. 

Another surprising moments is when Peter Marvey was at the stage sitting inside the rolling diamonds box and we are concentrating on it, suddenly some shining lights pass by our place and it was actually him coming out from the box without our knowledge and everyone give him a loud applause! Finally, the flying show begins. There some videos showing how he have perform this flying show at overseas country and showing live to the audience and holding their hand together and they are really flying.

Then, for this live show, he do fly around the stage. I was impressed but my hubby commented he actually flying just around the same place..Didn't you notice that?? There must be some string on top of the stage that makes him fly..ahaah..hmm..probably.??

Feels so good sitting at the VIP seats. I can see clearly here. First time watching live show in Genting

Peter Marvey show performing daily from 28 May to 25 November 2014. Adult tickets for VIP, PS1 and PS2 are priced at RM118, RM88 and RM48 respectively. Children’s ticket is at RM68, RM48 and RM28. 

For more information, please call 03 – 2718 1118 

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