S Five Musang King & D24 Durian Feast @ Metro Genting Klang at Jalan Genting Klang

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The trend of having Durian buffet are everywhere and all seems to be talking about it. S Five the new place for us to venture and just 5 minutes drive from our home. I decided to give it a try and bring my family to dine in. The queue started as early as 6.30pm. The durian buffet starts at 7pm to 9pm and continue with 9pm and 11pm session. I saw there are lots of durian there and the staff is very busy opening the durian and put on the plate. It was much different from other place like SS2 where they will directly open the durian in front of you where you were seated and if not nice you will have to just throw it away and request for new set of durian.

When we reached, we find a place to seat. There are indoor with air conditioning and outdoors seats available. S Five is located just next to INHouse Cafe and along the shop row where we can see Tong Pak Fu. We need to pay the cashier first and each person is charge at RM 18. S Five advertise that they serve D24 and Musang King durian. Of course we are here for the Musang King and nothing else. But to our disappointment, this is not the actual fact. After we paid, the staff will come and explain to us the buffet flow. First, we will get a D24 mixed durian. Then second plate they will give Musang King + with D24+ OTHER mix durian!! And the third plate also same mixture of 3 types of durian. For durian lovers, you will absolutely can taste which grade does the durian belongs to..I only looking and waiting for the Musang King but only three small pieces for each plate!! We have to call the staff to come and change the new plate of durian and also complained to the owner. But still the same, we are still getting the unsatisfactory durian taste.

The place is quite crowded and the staff will walk around to see which plate are we now and serving the new plate after all finished. We did not even finish the second and third plate and ask for another new plate because the durian is not delicious at all!! No Musang King can be seen in the serving plate. Might spot only one or two pieces if you are lucky enough. So upset with this kind of quality of food which promises customer with Musang King, but yet serving all those lousy durian to us!! Some I can't describe how it taste because it was so bland and yuks!! I even ask the lady staff to come and taste it yourselves and she said ok ..the durian taste is ok..nothing's wrong..

Really a bunch of bad durian..falling into the scam for the price of RM 18..really not worth a cent!! My mum in law complained nonstop about this quality of durian..Unpleasant dining experience.

Other choices of fruits available such as nangka, mangosteen and cempedak.

S Five
126-G-6, Metro Genting Kelang, 
Jalan Genting Kelang, 
53300 Kuala Lumpur.

Open : 12noon to 11pm

Phone:  03-4032 2580
Email:  chefkorek@yahoo.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sfiverestaurant?fref=ts

Website : http://chefkorek.wix.com/wwwsfiverestaurantcom