Swiftlet Cafe (Golden Mah Bird's Nest @ Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur

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[Up to 54% Off] Bird’s Nest Hi-Tea at Swiftlet Cafe from RM48 for 2 People. Hubby bought this deal from Groupon..he wanted to taste the different kind of desserts with the main ingredients of the bird nest. Swiftlet Cafe is located along the shoplot just beside the Batu Caves and the parking space is ample and no hassle going there just 10 minutes from my home. They also serve set lunch and there are other patrons redeem their high tea voucher as well. We need to make reservations and the cafe is air conditioning with comfortable zone to enjoy our evening high tea.

This Cafe specializing in bird’s nest pastries and dessert such as tarts, pudding, cakes, jelly, and more. The benefit of having bird nest??I guess overall of course is good for our body but depends on to which grade and quality of the bird nest. Bird's nest enhances tissue growth, cellular regeneration, and cell-mediated immunity in humans.  

Swiftlet cafe caters varieties of mouth watering menu range from rice, noodle and desserts with reasonable price.The menu features traditional stewed bird’s nest desserts and its variants like bird's nest coconut, soybean, cereal, and pumpkin paste soup, as well as innovative concoctions such as tarts, cakes, ice cream, and white coffee, all of which contain bird’s nest as its main ingredient.

After our outing to Ikea, we stop by here with my three naughty kids. Greeted with warm welcome by the staff and quiet relaxed place to dine in with family.

Bird's Nest Hi-Tea for 2 people
  • 1x Bird's Nest Pumpkin Paste (RM33 value)
  • 1x Bird's Nest Cake (RM18 value)
  • 2x Bird's Nest White Coffee (RM16 value)
  • 1x Bird's Nest Egg Tart (RM10 value)
  • 1x Bird's Nest Ice-Cream (RM10 value)
  • 1x Bird's Nest Pudding (RM9 value)
The bird nest cake is awesome..we all love it  light and fluffy texture of the cake with the generous amout of the bird nest spread through on top of the cake.

Bird nest pudding

Egg tart with bird nest - There are traces of bird’s nest texture on the surface while the the filling is soft in texture. My girl enjoy the egg tart too.

We both enjoying the strong and rich white coffee with bird nest extract . A Satisfying blend white coffee.

Bird Nest Pumpkin Paste..they are using the organic pumpkin and very thick texture. Mouthful of heavenly bird nest. Delicious!!

Bird Nest ice cream with some blend peanuts. Within a second my girls finished it all..that is what they are waiting for..

Valuable promotions going on

This cafe also have another section where they are selling bird nest products and they also import the bird nest to China. We bought two packets of Bird Nest White Coffee    (RM 58.00) Buy One Free One Promotions. What a great deal and without hesitation we bought this for our parents to enjoy the aroma taste and flavour of the white coffee. The staff also giving us small packets as sampling.

  Overall, we have a wonderful tea time with bird's nest!

Swiftlet Cafe

No. 2&3A, Jalan Sri Batu Caves 9,
Taman Sri Batu Caves,
68100 Selangor ,Malaysia

Phone: 03-6187 7888 (Call Mon – Sat: 10am – 5pm, not including public holidays)
Facebook: Golden-Mah Bird's Nest Sdn Bhd

Website : http://www.goldenmah.com.my/home

Deal Link:http://www.groupon.my/deals/klang/swiftlet-cafe/718258989