Meet Sofia The First Greet Session @ Sunway Pyramid

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We reached early at 11.20am for our blogger registration events to meet Sofia the First in person at Sunway Pyramid. This event is held at LG2 Concourse area and as soon as we come out from our parking from B1, we saw this Disney setup near to the AEON Supermarket..i was wondering how come there is no big stage for the photo session? This side is selling Disney merchandise and some cool stuff of Mickey Mouse, Sofia, Princess , Spiderman and etc..There is even a counter for the kids to dress up like a princess and can take photos ( i think they need to purchase certain amount of the merchandise).

 As i walk to the other corner, finally I heard some noises..and big crowd of people starting to queue up..The stage is set up with queue lines and almost taken up the whole concourse corner area..So many parents with their kids is there start to play games and activities..but need to QUEUE UP ! ..oh many people..and no place for movement as well.

There is almost 4-5 sections of games that kids can go around to venture and play with their family members..interesting games with prizes of Spiderman stuff, notebook and stickers..all booth is giving away the same prizes..the place is very crowded and just a small walkway to go to another booth..cramp and the queue lines is really messy..headache seeing so many people queuing to play the games.

Astro booth is giving away goodies bag for Astro Subscriber  for Beyong PVR + Kids Package. If you have both, you can bring along your latest Astro Bill or take a snap shot in your mobile and show to them..then you are entitle for that goodies bag..i saw one aunty pass by and she is holding 4 bags on her hand..

Many games and activities for the family and kids..mainly all on the tv screen

Crazy crowd awaiting Sofia to come out to meet the fans..the kids are pretty smart..they can answer the Q & A session correctly to get the goodies..but i actually quite disappointed ..this is not really an exclusive invite for the blogger..i heard those public also can register and queue in the what is so special about the invitation for our blogger at 12 noon where we also have to queue for so long for this photo session?? My kids just watching there from level 1..kinda crazy to ask me to queue there.

Finally, Sofia the first is there on stage..pretty princess and the kids just love it..screaming and happy faces

I get my goodies too after playing the Hulk Smash..luckily no need to queue and simple game to win this cool Spiderman goodies

Saying bye bye to Mickey..we are leaving this place alr..tiring and have another round of fun weekend with my kids

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