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Up to 96% Off- Fashion & Photographic Make-Up Course from RM48. I choose the 2 classes for RM48 instead of RM980 (only RM24 per class) . Bought this deal from Groupon and have more confident when one of my colleague have actually tried this place last year. The price is reasonable and i bought 3 vouchers to go together with my colleagues. We make early booking for the first class and we went to this place after work . Malswisse Derma Care is located at Fahrenheit 88 Level 2, after passing by the food court area, there is one stall called the C.up C+. Then, there is a fire extinguisher exit door ,we need to go inside and open another exit door. After that, turn left and there is few lots of small offices. Weird and quiet place. Never thought there is offices behind the mall.

We reached at 7.15pm. The class is from 7pm to 10pm.The lady staff ask us to sit on this waiting area ( the pic above) and we waited for 30 minutes!. With no air cond at the waiting area and the lady is busy explaining the class schedules to the customers and it really takes her so long to settle down. With only one person working there, it was really a bad impression that we have to wait so long and delay our classes.We walk around the place looking at the products and the pictures shown on the wall. The toilet is very disgusting with make up stain on the toilet bowl. I don't even dare to go inside when my colleague told me that.

We are sweating and sitting there looking at each other. Then only come another lady to bring us inside the make up training room. Once inside, the whole place is a mess! There are one side where two girl is busy preparing on their own make up. So finally the lady staff at the main counter came inside and introduce herself and her name is Makiyo. She apologize for the delay as she is the only person working today and all other staff is on leave. Can't they make proper arrangement for our class if they know we are coming for training? Frustrated!. We only able to start the class at 8pm. She said that each groupon customers is the same. 1st class is the day make up and 2nd class is the dinner make up.

I thought we are coming for fashion and modelling make up including techniques for high fashion, catwalk, and commercial as stated in the website..hmm.ok what ever it is..

Some of the products displayed which they claimed to be suitable for sensitive skin and also same quality as the Dermalogica brand which is doctor proven for this product.

The first steps we need to do is the basic skin care. Makiyo prepared 6 pieces of face cotton for us to wash the face and a bowl of water. First is the technique to remove the make up, then double cleanse, then scrub, putting in the mask and while waiting we need to clean the brush here. We learn to use the right method to cleanse our face and really need to be soft to handle our skin care. Gently applying the scrub and the mask need to wait for 15 minutes. We have fun teasing each other and make joke during the process while i can see Makiyo is very busy entertaining other students as well. Together there is another Arabian lady who also joining in the first class. Makiyo need to do translation in English to her while then turn on our side to speak Cantonese. 

All this also taking times and sometime after each process we need to sit there and wait. I know the instructor is very tired for the whole day classes and she keep on complaining that she is very busy..but hey..we are buying the vouchers online and we come here for an appointment for make up please be professional! At the point of the time i really thinking of making refund because the services is really bad and i am not impressed at all! But for the sake of being together with colleagues and we have a great chat and learning this class together..i still sitting there to continue the classes. 

The mask is really making my skin itchy..It was actually because i have dry skin. Need to top up my mask more often. So after the whole skin care process, the time is already reaching 9pm. And we can now start to learn how to apply foundation and choose the colour. Put some medium light colour on the jaw to test. If same and almost lookalike our skin colour then it is the best choice.

After that can start to apply on the face in vertical form and put the loose powder. Then Makiyo teach us how to draw the eye brow shape and the three colour tones dark, medium and light on the three different dots. It was pretty hard and need more practices. We have fun and laugh all the time. After that , we can choose the eye shadow. Choose lighter colour for the day make up. So the time is already 10PM!!!and we are only up to this steps..So disappointing with this instructor and we did not even manage to continue because the mall is going to close sharp 10PM.

So this is our final pictures with our so -called make up for day .Almost all are done by ouselves and we looking at each other. Makiyo actually have no time to really looking at us personally to tell us where is our mistake and the proper way to apply it. She is just too busy and tiring i guess..

We make another appointment the week after on Friday 7pm after work as well and this round we reached on time at 7pm. I even received a call from Malswisse at 6.55pm, a guy asking us are we really coming for the class. Surprisingly, when we reached we are greeted by this guy called Steven. I thought he is the helper there and he guide us what to do. We just walk inside and he said.."Hey wait..u all need to take off your shoe and change it into their slipper provided there.Looking blur from our face..oh Izzit? we never did that on the first visit because we never being told to do so..and next we need to put our bags in to the locker provided and just take our valuables.

This round i can felt the waiting area is fully air conditioning..much better from the first visit and he ask us to go inside the classroom and impressive enough the whole place is neat. He have prepared all the things on the tables! There are together 4 students in the class and i was asking where is the instructor..So Steven is smiling and said he is the instructor for our class today and he is the professional make up and hairstylist. We prefer this make up classes and comfortable with how Steven conduct the whole process, more details provided and he is sitting there looking at us closely how we did the skin care and explain the right technique and the do's and don'ts.

We follow the same skin care process and then we can start to learn the night make up techniques which need more steps. He  explains how to draw a nice eye brow and choosing the right colour for the eye shadow..then we learn to put on our fake eye lashes and he tease me for drawing a very bad eye liner..the worst students..haha..i know he is joking and yes i hate to draw eye liner..need to draw a thicker line because my eyes is too small and not even a single line of the eye lid. Then come another 4 students inside the room , the regular students are there practicing on their own.

But Steven will also go around to teach them and check on their progress. So some of the time is also taken up, but he will quickly come back to us to see what is the next steps we should move on. 

I really satisfy with this make up session with the attentive instructor  and we manage to complete the whole process at 10pm sharp.

Taking a group pictures..Cheers.We are looking great !

Yeah ! Mission complete and my dinner make up is done..i should have bought my contact lenses but i am too lazy..

After the make up session, we decided to hang around for a drink at Changkat Bukit Bintang, the most happening place to be on Friday night..we walk from Fahrenheit to Changkat. everywhere is jam and crowded, cars is not moving at all..better to walk and by the time we reached there almost 11.20 pm. Pity my colleague have to wait us that long.supposing we target to finish our make up class at 9pm.but too many steps to go and the instructor also need to entertain 8 of us in the class. We choose Mango Tropical Cafe, seems like the most happening place to be with live band, cool music all night long. We ordered the tower beer RM 138 and it was really's been a while i have not enjoy this much.staying up late at 11pm still hanging around KL area. Usually this time around i have been sleeping like a pig with my kids..:)

I can't remember when the last time i drink beer..finally we finished our big tower and i only managed to stock up 2 cups..burp..

Enjoying the lovely moments with our make ups on..lively music and dance and screams..oh everyone gone crazy tonight..haha..

We have a friendly guy approach us for photos and i am quite surprise that he offered me a drink..nervous and on the other side i saw my colleague are laughing and smiling at me..funny huh..aunty still got 'Market' (attraction)..we have a quick chat and it was indeed a fun night.

Malswisse Derma Care (Fahrenheit 88)
Lot D5, 3rd Floor, Block D, 
Fahrenheit 88, No.179 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel/Fax: +6 03 2141 0330/ +6 03 21106495
Mobile: +6 016 888 3495

Monday – Thursday 1.00pm-9.00pm
Saturday and Sunday – 10.30 am-7.00pm

Deal Link:

Website :
Facebook: Malswisse


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