Wish to Win A Truckload Of Gong Cha Drinks for my Birthday Boy

Thursday, May 22, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

The moment i saw this interesting link post in The Butterfly Project to win a truckload of Gong Cha drinks, i quickly think of my upcoming birthday party plan for my birthday boy..time flies and it was really an amazing journey to bless with my lovely little boy who makes me laugh all the time..i never thought i could have another time and chances to get pregnant again for the third time and giving birth is just one hour to my lovely boy..he just looks alike me when i was small and i am extremely happy..

i wish to have a blast first birthday party for him and gather all my close relative and friends for this meaning day..moreover, me and hubby love milk tea and Gong Cha have it all..drinks to be share to with my families and friends..i think this is gonna be fun with a big truckload in front of our house preparing the delicious drinks and to makes everyone happy..to cheer up my son birthday party i guess this is going to be the exciting moment that i am looking forward for..