My girls Birthday Party @ KFC Aeon Big, Wangsa Maju

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Birthday celebration is always fun and i wish to make this happen this year for my girl Jia Yi who is turning two and her sister is going to be 4 years old..both are born in the same month and shares the same horoscope of Taurus (stubborn girls)..just invited close relatives and family members to join in the party which i had choose to organize it at KFC Aeon Big. In Setapak and Wangsa Maju area, only Aeon Big outlet have the place for birthday party. We pay upfront RM 100 for booking the date and the time and if cancel, the deposit will be returned. We also ordered this lovely Minions design chocolate sponge cake for her from another bakery shop.

KFC organize birthday party with the current theme of Superheroes..the layout and setting was done perfectly and goodies bag is for all the kids with the balloons all ready setup. They have divided the place into one play area for the games session and also table and chairs arrange for the dining area. Have space for movements and the packages is really worth it. I take package A for 10 kids and 10 adults with 10 Chicky meals, 2 bucket of fried chicken ( 15 pieces) , 5 Large mashed potatoes, 5 Large coleslaw, 3 Large Nuggets and 10 Drinks.The duration is only for 2 hours.

She just love all the balloons everywhere

Finally, i found my wish list in one of the Snacks store in Pudu. Coincidence one day earlier of the birthday party, my colleague drove us to Imbi for lunch and i suggested can we drop by to get some snacks in bulk and i want to look some cool stuff for my girls party. And also tomorrow is Mother's Day..i really wish to get something for the mums as well .double celebration..the whole store is amazing..i really want to buy more..but time constraint i just quickly grab this assorted burger gummy sweets, TORA, Minions Water Tank and beautiful flowers with chocolate on top of it..Quite reasonable price and i love my water tank so much..back to my childhood was really a fun day shopping..

Both adults and kids love my goodies bag and they requested for more..haha..opss..only priority to the kids first...

Special prizes for the games session later on prepared by the event organizer

Drinks of pepsi, mountain dew , and sprite

The Chicky meal looks great with RIO designed on each box..compact with a set of drumstick chicken or nuggets and french fries + with milo drinks especially for the kids

Ok..the game is going to start with some warm up music and the kids are so ready..The first game is musical chair and each parents with their kids surrounds the chair and quickly grab the mention colour balloon and sit down..i am the first one who being kick out because i cannot find the yellow balloon..haha...sob sob.

The next game is treasure hunt..i think my parents enjoy it very much..they are asking for RM 20 note..and my dad actually hand over RM 10 + RM 10.. of course he was rejected and we need to search again..then the next item is belt, credit card and funny and both kids and adults enjoy it very much..the last game is passing  toys..i keep on laughing when my two girls not understand the game and did not pass the toys to the both are OUT..and remaining my cousin and little boy..both pass to each other quickly and we all laughing

I want to have fun with the kids too

The organizer has done a very good job..I am very satisfied with their services and they arrange the whole setting with food display at the us a very good impression. The staff is friendly and attentive to our request and the food serve is hot and fresh especially my favourite hot and spicy fried chicken.

Cake is included in this package worth RM 40.00.

The kids are exciting waiting to sing the Birthday song and together with the Chicky

Birthday presents from Popo, Gung Gung, Yee Yee, Aunts and cousins and friends..thank you so much 

When i look back the receipt..the food and drinks is total up to RM 300 and add on with tax is around RM 340. So, the whole package is totally worth the value..The cakes, goodies bag (stickers, RIO limited edition pencil box, note book, drawing board, luggage tag). prizes, is all FREE! Just ensure you get the office hour timing when booking your slot..then the organizer is there to play games with the kids and also appearance of Chicky!!

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