Contest Winning Moments 2012

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My second girl featured in Baby Talk Magazine

Little stars of the month

Choosen for funny faces in Mami Baby Magazine
Won movie Sinister from Cinema Online - Truly scary movie

Great action movie and won movie passes for Expendables 2 +  Limited edition mouse pad from

Joyful moments - won the Parents Day Contest from AEON Jusco Pearl Magazine. Selected as the consolation winners.RM 300 cash voucher to order the catering food from Uniq Catering Services. I just put in my own write up about my parents story, and for this prizes, i managed to organize a small makan makan event with my family, relatives and also close friends. We have a really great time together enjoying the food. The food is delicious and they actually sent it directly to our house with fully equip paper plates, fork and spoon, cups, tissues and also the food is put in all microwave container. Can heat it up anytime

Win complimentary passes from for the movie The Dinasour Project

Good news for me , featured in Parenthood Magazine in the month of June 2012, at this point of time just delivered my girl. Won the prizes from Modernmum for RM 500 can use to buy maternity clothes only. The clothing here is all expensive and i manage to buy only 4 pieces with the additional top up of RM 50. One maternity clothes is RM 100++

The movie BRAVE is excellent. Have a great laugh with my hubby at this Wangsa Walk TGV, comfy and seated at the side, just like in the couple seats.

Another big win for being the winner for the Mum's Says section in Baby Talk Magazine Contest. Products of combi worth RM 300!!!..

Love this photo very much!
Long waited for this. Featured in Mummy Baby Magazine for the Look Alike Contest. Haha..RM 50 SAKAE Sushi voucher. Yeah

Preview screening at Mid Valley

Limited edition of the Batman merchandise. Second prize for this..Yoohoo

This movie is awesome..Kate Perry show--sing all night long

Mam Baby products won entering from the Pa & Ma  Magazine contest

Send over my girl photo with me together for MamyPoko Contest- Selected as consolation prizes..Yeah pampers in supply

Consolation prize for family photo featured in Mom Baby Magazine

My naughty girl in Parenthood Magazine Mar 2012-- this photo is taken at Midvalley..caught her smiles

Hubby win vouchers from Jackcow

Wow this is really nice..Third prize from GSC - My first winning for movie mechandise

4 Free Movie ticket from Hitzfm -- Hotel Translyvania..very funny movie

Huggies contest with additional RM 50 shopping voucher from Giant

Our family photo featured in Baby Talk Magazine

My favourite photo of my girl

Another sweet photo featured in Baby Talk Magazine

Won movie ticket again ..hehe

Movie ticket from Redfm..This movie is really boring and i nearly fall asleep

Just try my luck for Redfm Contest to guess the movie name..Won myself a buffet dinner at Eastin Hotel. Yeah

My memorable write up on my second girl Jia Yi

My article just in time publish during Mother's Day in Baby Talk Magazine. Proudly show my mum  this and i think she is absolutely happy too

Bro-mance contest from Mixfm.The moment is saw this new contest in Mixfm Website, i am so excited, join this for my self and my hubby. We can play the game and whoever wins, either husband and wife can go together for a romantic trip or hubby + friends win, they will go for a bromance trip. Got a call from Mixfm and we need to ensure three of us will be free on that day for recording at Astro Studio.It was our first time ever entering the studio, meeting up with Mixfm crew, DJ - Dilly and JD. They are friendly and i love chatting with them. Worried, excited and nervous too..We are placed in a different room, answering 5 questions about our partners. The question is tricky and maybe i think too much. 

As what i remember the question ask us,'what do you find sexy in your partner?

Jason : Smile
Me: My Height ( with confident)
Hubby:   Her singing


'Your partner will send greetings in which way?'

Jason : sms
Hubby: Internet

WRONG AGAIN..THE DJ tease both of us " What's in the world? nobody actually understand my hubby. or know him very well..haha

Does he tell how many ex gf to you?
Jason : Yes
Hubby:   Yes

Does he like any of you friend? (Tricky for me)
Jason : Yes
Me: No
Hubby:  Yes

(i thought does he have admire or any feelings towards any of my friend). The question is just asking does he like any of your in terms of just being nice and i lose to Jason and they are going for bromance trip..opsss...

We spend almost 6 hours for the whole process until the recording part. Great moments taking picture with the DJ and we laugh and chatting , my best experience so far. But the sad moments is we could not watch back the youtube which they suppose have record for us to watch it live at Youtube due to some error.

Won trip to Pangkor Island 3N 2N. Just like our second honeymoon with nice hotel and romantic candle light dinner.Really thanks to Jason, hubby best friend for letting this voucher for us..hehe i have been begging and nagging my hubby all day..i want to go this..i wanted this so badly...!!!!!

Movie passes from Nuffnang. Every time we want to redeem the movie tickets from Nuffnang, we have to go early to queue up..really wasting time

My hubby suggest just join in the Pearl Magazine (AEON Jusco) for letter of the month. Selected as winner of the month , got my self this Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum worth RM 129 ( as far as i remember) i know it is not cheap.

Taken 2 Movie is a good show. Anxious and action movie.

2012 have been a great year and happy to have a very supportive hubby who always there for me..