Contest Winning Moment 2011 Part 2

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Baby Organix is the right choice for my baby because organic and natural range of product ensure my child growing healthy and happy with no worries. Just simple slogan to try my luck for Pearl Magazine (Aeon Jusco). Win baby organix products.

Parent Look Alike Contest - My company organise this contest, and without second thoughts i quickly pen down and start to think of the slogan. And coincidence, this picture was taken during Chinese New Year, and both my girl and hubby was smilling and looking at the camera. They really look alike , Don’t they??. Mostly, all people said they just look the same,,Mini Jack Wong..Haha..cannot  agree more.

Slogan : My husband deserves to win the 3D2N Tanjong Jara Resort Package because he sacrifices his own leisure time just to be with me and my precious princess.He is there for me giving me unlimited love and care, motivation and cracking funny jokes just to make me laugh.He is a good listener and a perfect daddy who takes care well of our little girl with patience. This surprise treat will be the best gift as a token of appreciation to him and i hope this relaxing gateway will be the most memorable moment for him to enjoy.

RM 400 Jusco Voucher !!!!! Oh my God..I finally can shop for so many baby stuff especially pampers, milk powder and many more ... haha..Such a great winning and this news i know when i am still in Perhentian, was stuck there waiting for my delay flights. Then , receive two sms from my Manager told me there is good news for me..delighted, overjoyed and smiling all the way. I know the prizes is going to the shopping voucher.. :Haha

My first Malay article based on my own experience about giving birth . Memorable moments.

My very first write up on my thoughts towards this new magazine in town -Baby Talk Magazine

See whose that naughty girl..sitting on the thomas train in Midvalley. Love this photo so much. Just put this in and publish in Baby Talk Magazine

Sweet moments - Our love story publish in the month of December 2011 in Baby Talk Magazine. The whole journey from the moments we meet until giving birth to my eldest girl. Every now and then i will read this article again and again..Proud of myself able to write this article with the help of the editor to edit some of the words..:)

Won movie ticket from Mixfm for The Cars 2. Love this movie. and first experience winning movie tickets from Mixfm. The DJ - Ryan is even there inside the cinema with us, playing some warm up games before the shows starts. We quickly try our luck and show up our hand to answer questions. Look what we got here. Limited edition tool case.

My first photo with my girl in Baby Talk Magazine

Third prize winning surprise hubby too ..Great!!!

Those are the baby stuff that me and my girl grab during the baby expo in Midvalley. Managed to register one game to play with her on stage for the very first time..she was not afraid i just stand beside her and she is sitting inside the round pool surrounds with lots of balloons.And she have to take the baby stuff out to me and i can just take away those to bring home. The game is just for 5 minutes and really need to be fast. I am very proud of my girl and she just listen to me "Take this want girl,, take those,, give mummy,,take this give mummy" ..Wow not bad ..see what we got here '

Lion Kind movie passes..just recall those times with my small sister watching this cartoon movie non stop

Dear Santa,i will be grateful to have a good health and bless my kids with happiness. That is the slogan i join in to win this two passes. Awesome movie with great laughter and meaningful story line just for Christmas
Yeah, won Happy Feet 2 movie..this movie is really good with music and rhythm..wanna dance along and tap tap my feet too

Just join in for fun, got published in Baby Talk Magazine

I enjoy every contest i join, motivated and cheer up my day..extremely happy for my effort also pays off and continue to join more upcoming contest :)