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Recent discovery of the first restaurant using bamboo charcoal as healthy steamboat concept here in PV128 Setapak. Opened on 1 December 2013, located at PV128, Level 1, easy to spot this location facing the main road with the bright red signage. Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant is family business and Mia, the petite lady owner introduce to us what is the specialities here. Pretty exciting to try out this new experience, using charcoal to boil the soup, that could maintain the nutrients and makes the soup tastier and better. They use imported charcoal that is suitable to use in a closed and air-conditioned area and this way of heating is healthier way to enjoy the steamboat.
Comfortable and cozy dining environment with vintage stools, The staffs were attentive and make us feel welcome.

Homemade balls and pastes are must-order

There are 20 more choices of the sauces, we can mix and match on our own. Useful guidelines is displayed to mix the sauces. We are having fun with this and the outcome turns out to be good.
Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant carefully select the best higher quality of seafood and fishball to put in the menu for customers. Higher grade of ingredients and reasonable price for all the ala'carte menu.

The house specialty of their home made porkballs. Fire Diamond, Black Diamond, Mars Ball, Parsley Ball, Mushroom Ball and Onion Ball.This is all make to order and freshly serve.Preparation time is less than 5 minutes. You can even find Abalone here (RM 138).

The benefits of bamboo charcoal - Charcoal has its ancient history back in thousand years ago especially in China where the use of charcoal miraculously made its name worldwide. In ancient Chinese medicine, charcoal had been used as one of the popular medicines in promoting good health and longevity. To this day, the amazingly usage of charcoal remains one of the favorite means in Japan, Taiwan and other countries. It’s said that using charcoal in cuisine shows the ability to inhibit harmful microbes in our digestive system. In addition, it has the ability to cleanse, to nourish, to invigorate and to strengthen spleen and kidney as well as tranquilizes our mind. The infrared releases by charcoal could absorb the impurities in the water and at the same time releases ample minerals in food we consume and hence make our food becomes tastier and healthier.

Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant have 3 choices of set to choose from. Set A & B mainly on the pork slice, fish slice, fishball, vegetables, and other ingredients. Set C comes with the seafood range (mussels, squid, prawn, scallop and etc).

Noodles selection is quite variety with steamboat noodle, Vermicelli, Udon, Shanghai Noodle, Cylinder Noodle, and Prince Noodle. Interesting.

Bamboo Charcoal Drinking Water - Water purification which can reduce bacteria and mold growth in water and add minerals and oxygen. RM 1.50 for one cup.

The charcoal is ready to put inside.
Switching on the fan to make the soup boil. Surprisingly, within a minute, the hot steaming soup is ready to consume!

We choose the second set which comes with  fresh 5 Gigantic pork slices, fresh prawns, fish balls (Fook Chau), meat balls, squids, Mushrooms, "Foo Chook", Vegetables, Taufu, Crabstick, Steamboat Noodle, Vermicelli and etc. Beautifully plated set just nice to share among 2-3 persons.

Soup base Choices of : Signature Pork Bone Soup (Everyday) Chinese Herbal Soup (Monday) Si-Chuan Spicy Soup (Tues & Sat) Japanese Miso Soup (Wed & Fri)
Thai Tom Yum Soup (Sunday).

The charges is actually RM 12 for full pot, and RM 6 for half pot. For those who want a

single pot, is available at the price of RM 16.90 for individual set that is heat by the food grade candle. FYI, for price comparison, here offer quite reasonable price for the pork bone soup as outside i have heard they charging up to additional RM 30 for the signature soup base.

We have selected for their Signature Pork Bone Soup and Si-Chuan Spicy Soup. Distinct flavour of the pork bone soup. The owner do mentioned that they boil the soup for 4 hours with finest ingredients inside. It tastes just as one would imagine- like heaven. The hearty broth is very tasty. The bone broth is an incredibly nutritious and health-boosting food. Pleased by the natural sweetness and smoothness of the soup.  

On the other hand, Si-Chuan Spicy Soup relies heavily on hot chilies as their main ingredients. Mia said that they imported the ingredients originally from Si-Chuan. This Si-Chuan soup have the authentic spicy taste that infuse with herbs and spices, surely gives you the spicy kick and is a must order for spicy lovers.

The broth is kept simmering while diners dip raw meats, seafood and vegetables into the pot, and the cooked food is eaten with different sauces. This practice of communal dining promotes fellowship among the diners as t - See more at:
The broth is keep simmering while we dip those meat and vegetable inside. The slow heat with charcoal also will not burn your mouth or tongue. 
The broth is kept simmering while diners dip raw meats, seafood and vegetables into the pot, and the cooked food is eaten with different sauces. This practice of communal dining promotes fellowship among the diners as t - See more at:

Highly recommended to try this sauce. No. 2 sauces in the list ( Thai Chili Sauce+ Parsley+ Fried Garlic). Mix it well and dip with pork slice meat and the rest of the meatballs.

Chrysanthemum Tea, there is option for cold and hot tea. I prefer this warm tea, good choice for herbal beverage.

Cold bamboo charcoal water. Honestly, for the price of RM 1.50 could be a little pricey, but probably just thinking of the benefits of the bamboo charcoal that could detox the bacteria, can give it a try.

Big Shelf Scallop- All the seafood ingredient that being serve are fresh and large portion as the owner believe in serving fresh ingredient to their customer.

Juicy and chewy 'Fook Chau' fish ball .. I just take one bite for the fresh meat juice to come out.Yummy!!
Fire Diamond (RM 10.80) - The owner is very creative and come up with their new invention of these homemade meatballs . These meatballs is seriously delicious. Unique combination and turns out to be amazingly surprise with the taste.Inside is the Japanese Ebiko and they mix the meatball with the Japanese Food Grade Bamboo Charcoal Powder. I actually tempted looking at those lovely meatballs and rushing to pick up one piece,nearly putting inside my mouth. My hubby was laughing at me and said "Eh?? Not cooked yet, what are you doing? You thought is a sushi rice ball? Haha..Extremely hilarious!!
Combo set (RM 11.80)  that comes with Mushroom Ball, Onion Ball and Mars Ball. I prefer the Onion Ball and the spicy Mars Ball  fill with 'Tau Pan Chiong' (hot bean paste) . Slightly chewy and aromatic onion balls. Just love it.
Feeling full after a few mouthful of the pork meatballs

The charcoal is for sale as well.  Bamboo Charcoal pack (RM 5.90) is ideal to put in wardrobe, cabinet, car , store room and etc which can effectively moisture and remove odor. Can pull it out under the sun once a month to refresh it.

Usage of the Bamboo Charcoal includes the following:
1)Boil water/coffee: A glass of water/coffee boiled with charcoal a day has great benefits on body.
2) Bath: Bubble bath with charcoal will make skin smooth and moist.
3) Deodorization: Charcoal will release negative ions which can remove odor effectively.
4) Regulate humidity: Air is dry then release moist and absorb moist when it’s too humid.
5) Pest control: Prevent rice from moth.
The herbal tea is keep in this containers which are rarely found nowadays, 

The steamboat noodle is easily consume by just putting in the hot boiling soup. Awesome combination with the handmade meatballs and sauces. I have make another 2 sauces. On the left with thick sauce+garlic+soy sauce+sesame oil+chili powder while on the right side i have created sweet sauce+ vinegar+sesame.
This side orders really made my dish was perfect ensemble of good food. Thumbs Up!

* If you seated in the middle, be extra cautious. I try to cross my leg, and 'ouch!', touched the pot..freaking hot...Opss..And also If you are feeling hot, can use this traditional imported China hand fan to cool down.

The fan can be switched off to slow down the fire, and eventually the pot is still boiling and we can slowly enjoy the meal. There is another alternative to request the staff to remove the charcoal towards the end while you just want to enjoy the soup. 

Just scan and check in Charcoal Steamboat on Facebook here , and you are entitle for the above free item
Obviously, we finished the whole pot of the pork bone soup, and yet the soup is still boiling. The soup tastes rich and sweet , definitely not those laden with MSG (monosodium glutamate). Simply irresistible and we enjoy until the last spoonful that leaves us wanting more.

Mia direct us to the back end kitchen to see how they prepare the charcoal. They will heat it up slowly and using the fan to blow the charcoal. There are small sparks flying up out of the fire and when it turns red, the charcoal is ready and can be served on the container on top of dining table.

Specially thanks to Mia for this food tasting session and we both enjoy it very much as it is totally unique from the rest .Will surely coming back to savour the mouth-watering ala carte menu and other choices of soups. Burp!

Pass by recently..and saw this notice.

Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant (Closed Down)

No. 1-16, PV128, Jalan Genting Kelang, 
Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
(Above CH Dim Sum Restaurant)

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun: 5.30pm - 11pm, Closed on Thu except Public Holidays

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