100 Doraemon Malaysia Secret Gadget Expo @ Viva Home

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Let's check out this largest Doraemon exhibition ever in Malaysia! First in South East Asia happens from 14th December 2013 - 23rd March 2014, Showcases 100 unique Doraemon figures along with 100 different pieces from his well-known repertoire of secret gadget
Viva Home Exhibition Hall 1 & 2.
Doraemon is brought to life by creative team Fujiko Fujio and this year will be the start of a hundred year countdown to Doraemon’s birthday, as he is created in the year September 3, 2112. Doraemon was originally yellow in color, but the poor fellow had his ears bitten off by a robot mouse while its in the factory. Depressed, he cried and cried and cried, until his tears washed off his original yellow paint, revealing his now iconic blue body!

My hubby is a big fan for Doraemon and he know the whole story of how they come out with the ‘Doraemon’ name which use to be only called as ‘Siu Ding Dong’ (sounds so cute with the symbol of the bell hung on the neck. I also into Doraemon Comic  in Malay version and have the full collection last time when I was in primary school.  Hubby said we shall visit this weekend to check this expo with our two girls at Viva Home. I suggested that we shall just buy the tickets from BHP Petrol stations since it is just a minutes drive from our home. But actually there is ticketing fee being charge for RM 3. Sigh everything need to be charge, no wonder they are selling so conveniently at the petrol station. I just worried for the long queue at the ticketing counter at the expo with the kids..so the total entrance fee for adult become RM 28 instead of just paying for RM 25. I just bring along my girl ic just in case . She is born in 2010 May, so I counted just around 3 ½ years old.

We reached Viva Home about 1pm, and just the right timing slot to go inside. I do not understand why they put in 4 different time slot, 10am-1pm, 1pm-4pm, 4pm-7pm, & 7pm -10pm. Probably to avoid the big crowd. Our girls are pretty excited as well as my big baby..(hehe). All dressed up to take nice photo later on. The main entrance is wide enough, but no signboard showing us the lucky draw counter where we can actually use our ticket to have a chance to win the touch and go limited edition card and also chance to go Japan. When we are about to enter and cheking on our ticket, the staff stop us asking for my girl ic. She said that those child born in the year 2010, all ticket entrance is charge at RM 15!. I argue that my girl is just 31/2 years old, how can you assume all babies born in 2010 is already counted as 4 years old. Frustrated and keep on argue asking her to show me where and which statement shows that ?? She cannot provide that and change the question that your girl need to stand there and measure the height. WHAT?? After the age limitation and now they come up with the height thing? Really money making expo! Of course she is over 90cm, with our tall genetic that runs in the family..Arrgghhh..so my hubby said no choice we have to purchase that..and I was in my hot temper..please do not ask me to join the long queue to buy the child ticket!!.the girl said their staff is willing to buy for us.

Childhood Doraemon memories.

After viewing almost 100 Doraemon display, with the big crowd and limited time to take the pictures ( just like rushing and waiting your turn) standing at the display to take photo, finally we are at another section where I see something like a church setting with Shizuka & Nobita wedding ceremony. There are few benches in white, and I saw mostly all people sat on it. My girl is hungry and she wants her snacks. I pull out one small biscuits and giving her drinking water. I saw there are few families sitting there resting and doing the same thing. Suddenly, a young boy ( the staff) scold us , food is not allowed. I said my girl is hungry..how?? and showing other family is doing the same thing?. He ask my kids to eat faster…WHAT??eat faster ? you want them to get choked?? Are they going to be responsible? Crazy fellow..We are not making their place mess at all, just having one tiny biscuits! If that so, then they can just stop us in front of the main entrance and doing spot check on each bag.

She is wondering what is this ??

Everywhere with the big sign ' Do Not Touch', 'Do Not Sit', 'Do Not Stand'. My Naughty girls seems to be touching whenever she can.

Doraemon Comic Area

Funny classical Doraemon scenes, ' I am Giant"

Seems like a playground area, my girls loves this so much, taking off their shoes and running around with the clean area while me and hubby admiring those layouts

I love this picture. My height just fits in

The merchandise section is quite expensive, my hubby bought a Doraemon lanyard, my girl grab one balls and the water bottle. There is another game area after we exit . The game is set just like those fun fair, too expensive for 3 token each game price at RM 2 for each token. So abit no no for my hubby although I wish to try my luck to throw the ball into the basket.:(

There is also Doraemon’s favorite snack, Dorayaki, Memory Toast, and other Doraemon-themed food.

Overall this expo is just average, does not impress me much. Not worth paying for RM 28.

  • Gold Pass : RM60 (including of 2 weeks unlimited entry express lane. FREE LIMITED EDITION 1 Touch n Go card & 1 lanyard)
  • Senior citizen of 60 years old and above, children below 90cm & OKU with companion): FREE
  • Foreigner (no MyKad) are charged additional RM5

Anyway, another great weekend with my girls, running around and hard time to get them pose properly with the Doraemon. Me and hubby was sweating all the way and quickly snapping pictures here and there. My girl starting to feel uncomfortable and pulling my hand to leave the place. Yes its time for her evening nap and milk time..:)

Viva Home Shopping Mall,
Expo Hall, Level 2,
85, Jalan Loke Yew,
55200 Kuala Lumpur,

 Tel: 03 8080 8700

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