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Chinese New Year is just around the corner and we are excited to celebrate this festive season with our first food sampling event in Chicago -World Famous Pork Ribs and Steak House.To usher this Lunar New Year, Chicago Rib House is having a Porkalicious Joy Luck Set that comes with complimentary Yee Sang, Signature platter and braised pork belly. This is the great place to enjoy hearty porky meal get- together celebration to the Year of Horse.

Comfortable seats and nice dining environment.Touch screen to browse through your menu. Very Interesting!

Our welcome drinks- Jade Empress ( RM23.80 for whole jug) . Unlimited refillable refreshing drinks and lightly spiced cocktail. Fun fruit drinks that is wonderfully mixed with cranberry juices,green apple, cinnamon powder and oranges .Sweet and sour drinks. Appetizing.
We begin with Yee Sang (Prosperity Toss), also known as 'lo hei' which symbolizes abundance of luck and happiness throughout the year. This newly creation of Yee Sang  consists of Norwegian Smoked Salmon, shredded mango, carrots, red cabbage, white radish, cucumber, cilantro, spring onion, sesame seeds, fish crackers and served with Chicago Rib House’s specially made in-house Plum Sauce. Exciting to try this simple Yee Sang which is tasted lighter and the fish crackers is very crispy served with scrumptious smoked salmon.

Auspicious starter for another good year ahead. Wishing for healthy and happiness year.

Pork-sperity signature platter RM 39.90 -Premium platter with fresh mussels, juicy spare ribs, pork sausages, and gigantic fresh grilled water prawns. Served with fresh vegetables sticks(carrots, celery and broccoli) and dip with the creamy cheese which inclusive of 3 types of cheese. Squeeze in some lime and it will uplift the flavour, complemented by the cheese makes this seafood platter tastes so good. The prawns is sweet and lobster like-flavour , while the spare ribs is juicy and tenderly meaty. Tantalizing seafood that will tickle your taste bud. Delicious!
Braised Pork Belly - Savory Braised pork belly served with an Asian-inspired tangy sweet sauce of passion fruit, spices and wine. This is the usual Chinese popular dish that uses the fatty meat from the belly part. Perfectly braised for more than 3 hours with Chinese white wine  and makes this pork belly so tender and moist. It will not stick to your teeth, just will melt inside the mouth.. Highly recommended and i really wish i could have one more piece pork belly. Pretty darn good soft meat and juicy. Fantabulous!!
Drunken Tiger Prawns RM 68.80-  Prawns is an auspicious dish that represents laughter and we must have this for Chinese New Year. Amazing combination of steamed prawn infused with Chinese wine.The taste is more distinct and sweeter. Adding in the white egg as well for better texture.The prawns were then flambeed in the alcoholic brandy.

With the lights on..

Laced with flaming brandy, and spread all over the fresh prawns..

With the lights off, no camera flash everyone...The culinary demonstration begins..Fired shot with the brandy.

Impressive effects of the flaming fresh drunken prawns

Nice way to enjoy the shrimp which is sweet and juicy. But the brandy taste is a little bit too strong for me..

Baby Back Ribs - Chicago’s Pork Ribs are slow-roasted with charcoal and green hickory wood to give it that unique flavor that has made them world-famous pork ribs..The pork rib is so huge and beautifully presented.The smokey pork rib is succulent and juicy with tasty sweet and sour plum sauce.Very much fulfilling full rack pork rib and this portion is for 4 person servings. Baby back ribs is the most expensive and the the best part of the pork which is between the spare ribs and the spine, more tender and fall off the bone easily. Chicago Rib House have their best version of the Chinese-style plum sauce , made from secret recipe for this Chinese New Year Set menu. Awesome!

The signature ribs comes with 2 sides, can choose from fragrant rice, coleslaw, baked potato, mashed potato, corn, vegetables and fries.

I prefer this baked potatoes

Perhaps it's a good idea to cool down the palate with a serving of ice cream or a warm cup of coffee or tea.

  1. Porkalicious Joy Luck Set: Available from 18th January to 14th February. Prices range from RM88.80 (for 2 pax) to RM168.80 (for 4 pax)
  2. Signature Platter: Available for individual order from 9th January onwards for only at RM39.90.
  3. You can order additional of the Drunken Prawns for RM 68.80
  4. Ang Pow Dip Reward for dine in: For every order of the Porkalicious Joy Luck Set (2 pax), customers are entitled to one lucky dip, and 2 dips for every order for 4 pax. For à la carte, customers are entitled to 1 lucky dip for RM100 spend and 2 lucky dips for RM200 spend. While stocks last.

" Built on love, peace and bacon grease', Chicago's tagline that makes you wanna come over to enjoy a porkalicious dinner in an American fun dining style restaurant and having reunions with family and friends here.

** Thanks to Chicago Rib House and Food Cult for this media invitation.

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