Gundam (SD) Brave Battle Warriors 021

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1 Unit Shin Goka Ryuso Ryubi Gundam (SD) Brave Battle Warriors 021 for RM49 + RM5 Shipping fee. Made in Japan, Bandai manufactured, Bigger in size, 160mm. 

Originally from Japan as printed in the box. Hubby bought this great deals with only RM 49, self collect at Living Social Company in Mid Valley. He has a shocked and did not know that the packaging is so huge and for only paying RM 49, he managed to get a 160mm Gundam which look so lively and all of the body parts can be adjust and move around.

Package includes:
  • 2 x Ryutei sword
  • 1 x Shinsouryu sword
  • Raisou Chohi Gundam's armor and its parts
  • Ougasou Kan-u Gundam's armor and its parts
  • 1 x Display base for armor
All the picture shown in Living Social website are exactly the same as in the packaging.
Newly designed Ryubi Gundam becomes bigger, with the height 160mm.(About 20cm) . Finally the Shin Goka Ryuso Ryubi Gundam is done. Within less than an hour, hubby have finished it and ready for display.

Can exchange swords, changing the attire and all the parts of the body can be move.

Special weapons "Ryutei sword" "Shin Ryutei sword" and "Souryu sword" are included. Impressive design and creation of the swords.

Side Picture look cool too

Can change the eyes by moving the lever at the back of the head. Hubby is excited about this capability as hardly found and such creation is so creative and the Gundam looks lively

Worth it! Such a good deal!

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