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Foodirector has organized their first event for all bloggers to meet up to share our thoughts. It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to dine in here for the very first time at Chef Lim Organic Kitchen. It is located at 2nd floor Scott Garden, Old Klang Road and  you can even  spot it easily on the main road before you make your way to the parking bay.

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen is a fully vegetarian restaurant serves all only organic vegetarian food. There will be no eggs, onions and garlic. Healthy and organic food with no MSG added at all.  This restaurant is following the trend now as people are really aiming for more healthy lifestyle and moving looking forward for more healthy food.

When i first steps in into this restaurant, i have a warm peaceful dining environment feeling and this place is really suitable for family dining out and also friend gathering. They have a huge comfortable dining space and i love the simple deco here. Moreover, the staff here is very friendly.

As for their current menu, Chef Lim has a lot of creativity as i flip through their menu, it has delightful food and different types of cuisine, You name it, from Chinese cuisine to Western cuisine, Japanese cuisine and even Thai cuisine. All dish looks good and the price is reasonable ranging from RM 10-30 depends on the portion of small and large.

Fruit tea large portion selling at RM 24.90, for small size is RM 20.90. This drinks is mixture of 5 fresh fruits - red apple, green apple, oranges,passion fruits, and mangoes.  Served in a mini size cup, tastes like sweet and sourness purely from the fresh fruits. A very refreshing hot drinks and served as the best appetizers as well. Can choose to served it cold too.

Sweet and Sour Dumpling - Our very first dish of the day.  We will try out 9 dish today. All this new menu are going to be launched for  the coming new year. The fried dumpling taste so delicious, not oily at all, chef putting in ingredients of carrot and vegetable. Dip in with sweet and sour sauce. Chef Lim introduce this simple dish as to create one moment just like getting to hometown food.

Fish Head Mee Hon - Soup based is good, sweet and sour taste, love the taste of the fish deeply fried and all the fresh ingredients

Monkey Head Mushroom - First impression i thought this dish will be full of thick herbal taste but surprisingly, the button mushroom and red dates taste is nice, only mild herbal taste. This dish is so nutritionist, all using good and healthy ingredients.

Ginger Winter Melon - The most mouth watering dish of the day. Great impression of the food presentation and whats' more when we scoop in with curiosity looking for the ingredients hidden inside. Strong aroma of the ginger and i just realize those on the top of this dish is the sliced fried ginger.

Taufu, mushroom, slice ginger, and carrot

Stewed Mutton - I love this dish the most. I even ordered a bowl of white rice, the curry is thick gravy but not too spicy. Recommended to try this.

Yin & Yang Squid - Taste good dip with chili sauce, looks like those Thai sauce.

Mixed Vegetable. Simple nice taste of this mixed fresh vegetables.

Fried Butter Mushroom - Large portion of this fried butter mushroom, a little salty but still can be acceptable. The mushroom is perfectly fried to golden brown. and Added in some hot chilies and curry leaves. I love the presentation of chef of getting those carrots surrounds of each dish.

Wild mushroom with Vege - Combination of two sauces here. Try on the wild mushroom first, and then have a bite on the broccoli and vege -Kai Lan. I love this dish as the brown sauce taste so good, uses minced brown beans and chopped chilies on tops of it.

Specially thanks to Jackson from Foodirector for this exclusive invitation and i am really glad to meet up other bloggers. Such a memorable experience.

Some display on sale for organic and vegetarian products. Besides, this restaurant also cater for special event and functions such as birthdays and etc, they have customized menu to choose.

Membership lifetime card to enjoy great discount for next visit. 10% for all dine in menu. 15% for new menu only. 20% for birthday babies plus one piece of cheese cake. When i see this card, i will think of this motto 'Think Healthy Go Organic'

Thanks to Chef Lim (Fourth from the left) for his special creation of this new menu for us to try on. Will definitely introduce this place to family and friends to dine in to try out their other menu. Love his creativity in making simple dish taste so good and yes of course Healthy food boost up our energy to enjoy a greater lifestyle.

Food : Good
Service : Excellent
Environment : Good

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen
Lot 2-47, 2-48 & 2-49,
The Scott Garden, 4 1/2 Miles,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
GPS : N03 05.628'  E101 40.508'

Business Hour : 10am - 10pm Daily

Tel : +603-7982 3395 / +6017-6534565

FB : Chef Lim Organic Kitchen


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