Classic OPI Manicure and Pedicure @ Toood Hair Studio

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84% Off - RM19 for OPI Classic Manicure + Hydrating Classic Pedicure + Sea Salt With Aloe Vera Scrub + OPI Whitening Mask + Foot Callus Removal + Moisturising Lotion Massage + RM10 Cash Voucher (Originally RM120) from I Love Discount.

Toood Hair Studio is located at Platinum Walk Setapak. Just when you turn into Kl Festival Mall, you will reach OldTown at the end junction, you need to pay parking for you to enter the shop row behind OldTown . There is not much parking there. 

You can easily spot this hair saloon in the middle. Actually i am expecting more from this deal since the deal stated RM 120 worth of value and the girl who i made an appointment earlier mention to me that this treatment is for 2 hours.

As stated in the website, this deal covers of these following package:

 For only RM19, this package includes RM120 worth of treatments into a great session that comprises of:

  • OPI Classic Manicure
    • Shaping
    • Cuticle Trimming
    • OPI Nail Colour - for Females
    • OPI Nail Strengthener - for Males
  • Hydrating Classic Pedicure
    • Sea Salt with Aloe Vera Foot Scrub
    • OPI Whitening Mask
    • Foot Callus Removal
    • Moisturising Lotion Foot Massage
    • OPI Nail Colour - for females
    • OPI Nail Strengthener - for males
  • In addition, you`ll receive a RM10 cash voucher for your next visit! 
The treatment starts of at 6.30pm. I need to soak my both legs into a sink, warm water inside the sink and the girl begin to clean my leg and start cuticle trimming and polishing, removing dead skin. 

Each toe within a few second and done. Move on the foot scrub, ya i think it is Aloe Vera, green colour scrub, Just rub over my foot and upper part of my leg.Clean off and put in the mask. But how come i don't the outcome like the printed picture in the website like this? I just had a very minor touch on the mask and not as thick layer as shown in the picture below.

After the foot session, i need to choose the nail colour, They give few option to choose, i can see those given choices are main price from RM 5 on wards. Not those fancy type of colorful with special nail design. For sure, if you need those, we need to top up the additional cost. 

But they give assurance they are using product called OPI, which has a very good quality and long lasting. But i did not get any Moisturizing Lotion Foot Massage.

Then, the treatment starts with my hand, After cleaning up, trimming, shaping, remove the dead skin which i don't think it really cleans up the dead skin. Then she put the nail strengthen and oil to protect my nail.

I only request for nail color on my toe. I expect more and longer time for each finger and toe. But this is really express treatment which ends at 7pm. Only about half and hour spend. 

I did not even receive the RM 10 voucher for the next visit. The place is actually a hair saloon, at the corner end, they have two chair for customer who would like to do manicure and pedicure.

But in my opinion, the seats are not really comfortable compare to those shops that are mainly specializing in nail treatment. For the price of RM 19, i cannot expect much, but i will not recommend this place and not even second visit.

Reminder : Bring your own sandal

Service: Average

Environment: Average

Toood Hair Studio
52-0, Platinum Walk, 03-4149 9244, Jalan Langkawi, No.2,, Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur. 
Tel: 03-4149 9244.

Please call 03-41499244/016-3544909 for reservations