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2-hour Pamper Package: Full Body Balinese Massage + Coconut Polish + Head and Shoulder Therapy + Foot Spa for 1 (RM38) / 2 (RM68) People from Groupon.

I bought this voucher with only RM 18 because i have credit given by Groupon of RM 20. So it is really worth it and i am looking forward to try on this massage because also near to my house. 

Located at Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak, along the new shop area  where they used to have Overtime (but now have closed) , Piu Pura is located at 2nd floor. There is a lift that can be used to go upstairs instead of taking staircase or escalator. 

I have made booking one months earlier to avoid dissapointment and Piu Pura will send reminder via sms. I reach at 12.10 noon. Once i step in, a friendly 'Kak' assist me to the spa area.The entrance is small, but i do like the massage area. Dim light and the aroma of the massage oil makes this place so much comfortable. 

Piu Pura uses best products made from natural ingredients from the forests of South East Asia. 'Kak told me they use premium products from Ramburi (Thailand) and Tanamera (Malaysia). The also display these products on the shelves.

This spa have only three beds available (no wonder the booking is always full). Clean, comfortable environment and the area is quite small. Only one huge jacuzzi or sometime they called it like jacuzzi bath tub. Pleasant massage area, most important the towel and bed sheet is clean.They provide three mini lockers and i just put my belongings there. This place only accept ladies which is great as we have our own privacy.

The lady that i called her ' Kak' is my masseuse for today treatment. She is the senior massage therapist here. Her smile welcomes me to this wonderful spa and she gives me full details on the package that i buy from Groupon. 

Firstly, she give me a 15 minute foot spa that is worth (RM 33), follow by balinese full body massage and oat polish (oat scrub). The coconut polish as stated in the Groupon voucher has finished. So she will replaced with the oat polish. The foot spa experience is something new. She will use this method called 'Pijat' , which means she will put a light massage on my foot and my toes. Very relaxing.They use clean and new towel as well. While enjoying my foot spa, they will serve the ginger tea.

Then we proceed to the massage area. Very cold due to the high air cond temperature and i requested 'Kak'  to lower the temperature. The session start with the full body scrub using the oat .But i just realised there is no music .Normally in spa area, they have this soft music put on.

Then, proceed to the shower area. 'Kak' will ask me if i need to add massage oil. I was wondering aren't they using massage oil for this treatment? I just said 'no' to her because from my past experience if the masseuse question this, which means we need to pay for that request.

I guess they only give me those normal massage oil. The massage session is very relaxing especially the head massage. And now only they put up the soft music. I fall asleep, very comfortable and enjoyable. But, suddenly there is a ringing tone and the lady beside me answering a call!!! Did they know that here is a massage centre? Very dissapointed with this kind of people who didn't even know how to respect this place. Piu Pura website also stated that 'PLEASE SILENT YOUR PHONE'. I do understand some might waiting for urgent calls. But usually, people will put it silent. Not one lady but two lady phones are ringing and they talking so loud!.

After the full treatment ends at 1.40pm, 'Kak' introduce post-natal package for me as i have just deliver my second baby sometime in May. She said this treatment package that cost only RM 100 (first trial) inclusive of 'bertungku' , herbal ball and full body massage. It help improve blood circulation, expel ‘lochia’ and trapped winds & toxins, to lift the womb and keep it from sagging, hasten the shrinkage of the enlarged uterus, flatten the abdomen and breakdown stubborn body fat to its pre-pregnancy size and shape and speed up overall recovery. They are also having promotions for all the massage package. Check out on their webpage.

She also give me some useful reminder:-

  • Practice to wake up from the side
  • Do not squat often
  • Clean whole body after bath clean, avoid air conditioner room and bath early.
  • Soak leg for blood circulation

Overall, i enjoy the whole treatment and for the price of RM 18, it is really worth the value.

Service : Excellent
Environment : Good

Piu Pura Bath & Spa Haven
2-2, PV 128
Jalan Genting Kelang, Setapak
Kuala Lumpur

Email: piupura@gmail.com
Phone: 01116381212


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