Beauty and Spa

Tuesday, July 24, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Recently, i have heard from my friends ,massage and beauty center is very tricky and in fact cheating customer. They have lots of hidden cost and not stated in the online vouchers.

1) Customer need to pay for the oil being used for the massage. If not, they will just massage for you without the massage oil (Charging RM 5).

2) Customer need to pay for the towel.

3) Customer need to pay for the facial sponge (RM 2-RM5). If not , they will use the recycle sponge.

Whats more than a bad experience in those spa and beauty centre? Here are some reviews heard:

  - After wiping a person foot for foot bath, they will wipe another person foot with the same towel!

 -  Express Massage and facial. Not following the process flow or time allocated as per stated in the voucher.

 - Not giving any free gift as promised in the deal (excuses STOCK FINISH). Some replace with unneccesary vouchers.

 - After the facial session, experience skin allergy as the bed and towel is not clean enough.Maintenance of the center is bad.

 - Using expiry products. If this happens, we can actually sue them , file a case in Customer Trinbunal.

 - No privacy. Too many people redeem for the voucher especially those male and female together. They do not provide a proper changing room.

 -Selling to many vouchers but cannot fulfill customer requirement. Bookings are full. Only available during weekday and redemption period is too short.

Reminder : Print all the terms stated in the voucher when you visit those beauty centre. Then we have the rights to argue with them. CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!