De Asian Cafe @ Danau Kota

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De Asian Cafe Voucher worth RM 10 .Buy this only at RM 5 .Enjoy 50% for all the local food.Not include service tax yet.

When we reach there this morning, there are few customers dine in as well.Some also holding their everyday voucher.Cool.I bring my family to have our early breakfast at 9.00am.

The environment is comfortable and i saw they uses charcoal to make the toast bread which is something new i have seen.

We have ordered nasi lemak, vegetarian nasi lemak, kaya toast bread, curry laksa.
The drinks we have order are ice cham, kopi o, and honey lemon tea.

But after the waiter taken our order, he came back and tell us there is no noodle available.Only breakfast such as toast bread and nasi lemak is available.

I was pretty surprise as i expect when they open their business at 8am, everything should be ready and in the voucher it stated i can order anything on the menu.

Was really frustrated i can't try the curry laksa and not much choice to choose from the wide variety in the menu as promised!

Another weird situation is, they said there is no more lemon left.So my hubby can't have his honey lemon tea.So weird. There is small minimarket nearby and they didn't keep the stock?

Does this mean that now until 1am midnight they do not have honey lemon?I think they better remove that from the menu.

This is the vegetarian nasi lemak (RM 8.50 ) as in the menu

This the actual dine in nasi lemak.Look abit different

Looking different from the actual illustration in the menu.The cucumber is missing.They said they also don't have the cucumber.I was like ????..This cafe have no cucumber, no lemon, no noodle in the morning, i wonder what else they are out of stock.

I can't see any manager or person in charge around.They are lack of manpower.Service is slow.We end up complaining but in a joking manner as i really have a good laugh asking the waiter and they reply me giving such excuse . WEIRD?

Very nice toast bread with kaya and butter (RM 3.50)..But as you can see we only can have one small piece of the butter.I requested for another one.

But will be charged at RM 0.80. WOW. I think i better bring my own next time.

Wholemeal bread (RM 3.50) with margarine and kaya.Very soft and the kaya is great.We have the boiled egg (RM 2.80) and a cup of white coffee (RM 3.50) since there is no honey lemon tea.

I saw this ice cream cake display.Maybe will try next time. Looks nice

De Asian Cafe (closed)
No 22A, Jalan Danau Niaga,
Taman Danau Kota,
53300 Genting Klang,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 012-9612000

Business Hours:
Daily: 8.00 am - 1.00 am